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Last Updated: 28 April 2022

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Effectiveness of Quick Icing Technique on Force of Jump: Valuation Through a Jump Platform and a Mobile Application.

Jump force: Maximum force developed by an individual for a counter-movement jump test in Newtons was determined by a person. Time in seconds is the maximum air suspension time when doing the counter movement jump test. For the "My Jump 2®" version, the maximum height achieved by an individual for a counter movement jump test conducted in centimeters. Prolonged cold: Application of cold for at least five minutes or more on a body surface in the hopes of lowering the VCN of the underlying muscles and skin receptors. Jump height: On the other hand, the "My Jump 2®" application, on the other hand, includes a numerical algorithm that determines the jump height in centimeters. The Andrés Bello University's first to third year taught occupational therapy, phonoaudiology, and kinesiology. The consent paper issued by the Metropolitan Health Service East's bioethics committee, with headquarters in the Hospital Salvador, Providencia district. Following the established evaluation protocol, this stage will consist of administering the ice cube test. In a situation with the same environmental conditions as the study will be carried out, an evaluation of the participants' ability to perform a jump type against movement in a painless manner will be published next. In order to find the people who will eventually form the study's working groups, Stage two will be an example of second filtering of the participants' selection, in order to have the people who will ultimately form the study's working groups. Following the protocol for collecting and recording proposed data, an evaluator 2, unknown of the parties, will perform the jump measurements using the jump platform and the mobile app. The heating will be controlled in the same room where the jump platform and the mobile application will be assembled. Considering 15 seconds for each execution and leaving a rest interval of 60 seconds between each attempt, Element 2 will order three jump executions in counter-movement mode, extending a rest interval of 60 seconds between each attempt. The subject of both thighs' front thighs will be exposed to cold on both thighs' fronts for 30 seconds, using the art of ice cups dynamically. The group of persistent cold will get the ice bag for a period of ten minutes after the first minute of installation, which will be applied on the anterior side of the legs. Following the same protocol described before, Element 2 will execute 3 jumps as a result of the same protocol described before. "flight time, strength, and maximum jump post" will be calculated as the three executions' variable flight time, strength, and height of the three executions' climb will be tabulated in a Microsoft Excel® program spreadsheet, and the best post-intervention scores will be identified as "flight time, stability, and height maximum jump post. " The jump test will be repeated on session 2 and 3, as per the protocol described and already used on day 1 of measurement. The Shapiro Wilk test will be used to determine the primary variables' statistical distribution habits. The ice cube test involves placing an ice cube on the forearm for five minutes, removing it and waiting about ten minutes for the skin to return to its normal temperature. To prevent skin contact with water, it is recommended to line the ice cube with a plastic bag. If there is wheal formation, we begin to produce shorter stimuli with decreases of a minute, until we find the patient's response time. If there is no whel preparation at the first five minutes of exposure, the exposure time is increased by one minute, typically up to ten minutes; if there is no whel preparation in any of these new situations, the patient is unlikely to suffer cold hives. With the ice cube test it is possible to obtain three samples: a negative test, a positive result during the registration period, or an atypical response. Two common features of urticaria or cold angioedema's past, and two negative ice cube tests within seconds, except for cold reflex urticaria. The participants will be sent to the jump platform Globus Ergo tester® after the warm-up. The subject The subject A video camera of a mobile phone will be positioned in front of the subject at 1. 5 meters focusing on the feet.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is summarized by machine, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always check original source before taking any actions

* Please keep in mind that all text is summarized by machine, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always check original source before taking any actions